Tuesday, August 02, 2005

going with the flow

This will probably just be a "check-in" post because free time is at a premium right now.

Well, my relationship with the now S.O. is pretty much established now. Part of me still has reservations about the whole thing. I kind of wish it hadn't become exclusive so early but I'm having fun and I can feel myself growing. I know now that I can have at least some type of a fairly healthy relationship with a fairly level-headed adult, and it's good to know that I can be attractive to such a person. I'm also relieved to find that I don't feel totally over my head in all of this. So I guess I'm just going to let things continue and let them end up where they may. Hopefully if the time comes where I think I should end it I'll have the courage to do so.

Other than that... my mood has been pretty good. I feel fairly normal all around a good deal of the time. Considering where I've been, that's pretty amazing.


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