Wednesday, July 14, 2004

time and a half

Has it really been 10 days? It seems like four.

It appears that work is going to be working me 52-60 hours a week pretty consistently. I know that to some people that isn't too much; but to me it feels like it consumes my life. Especially since I'm one of those people who feels like hell whenever I don't get a full eight hours of sleep.

All in all the job is going well. I'm getting better at it. I like my co-workers for the most part and the management is bearable.

I got one class out of the way for school; the final went well. I'm really falling behind in my other class -- it's probably what I should be doing instead of this! Or maybe not -- I think this is important. Like praying. If I can't keep my head and heart in line, everything else falls out of place.

Time to get ready for bed...


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