Tuesday, August 10, 2004


So I'm writing at the only time I seem to be motivated to -- that is, when I should be doing something else.

I've had a few kind-of milestones recently -- I've now been sober for 18 months, smoke-free for 6 months, and on Thursday I'll have been posting on this blog for 6 months. It all actually seems like it's been longer -- time doesn't always fly, I guess.

I just noticed that haloscan has erased all of my old comments, and I'm a little upset. I thought they were as much a part of this blog as any of my posts were... maybe I or no one else would've ever read them, but I've thought of this as kind of my digital legacy to the world... all the things I couldn't say out loud and all the skeletons I could never claim ownership to...

Anyways, I guess I'll have to look into blogger's commenting feature.

I've been holding back a little recently on this blog because of a nagging fear that someone, someday will determine my identity from reading this or that one day I'll decide to share this with someone I know. It's hard enough to even anonymously write down what a screwed up weirdo I feel that I am...

Oh well... my brain's a screwy place. And here's where it'll be, I guess... next time I have something better to do.


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