Thursday, May 13, 2004

All dressed up

So, my last day at work is Saturday and the paperwork for my new job has hit a snag... which means my start date may be delayed for as long as two weeks... which means I'll have nothing to do... and sitting at home drives me nuts.

So, assuming I don't start next week, what do I do? I'd like to go somewhere, but I don't like the idea of traveling for pleasure alone... it's depressing and I think I'd look like a weirdo. That, and a margarita at the beach might be extremely hard to turn down without someone to talk me out of it... Come to think of it, I haven't traveled anywhere since I've been sober. And I always got extremely drunk on vacations.

I do have one friend getting out of school for the summer next week... and one friend high enough up in his company that he might be able to skip town with short notice... and I have a friend I could visit out in Phoenix... but what is there to do in Phoenix? I'm thinking beach... warm sun and scantily clad women. San Diego/LA? Catch a Lakers game? Miami?

Guess I'll see what happens when I talk to the H.R. guy tomorrow.


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