Saturday, February 28, 2004

Fading away into maturity

... so I lied, and no other post came on Thursday.

I've just had a hard time summoning a "voice" in the past few days.

I found out yesterday that soon I will be getting the job that I applied for a while back -- the "career" job. The one that affords the trappings of a solid middle-class lifestyle -- all at the low price of being a faceless cog in the machine.

But, I have to eat. And if I'm ever going to have a spouse, let alone a family, then a stable job and a livable income are necessities. I'm getting too old to spend my time scheming over striking oil or changing the world -- or maybe I'm just old enough to realize that I'm never going to.

I can admit it -- accept it, even -- but it still somehow doesn't feel right.


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