Thursday, February 26, 2004

Inside out

Way too tired tonight for anything other than a simple little post...

Today (yesterday, technically) was my first day back at work in almost a week. It felt good, for the most part.

It was inspection day, so all of the management was there, including the owner. Normally, I'm a bit anxious and shy when around them, particularly when it's a group of them, but not today. Part of the reason was they were in a good mood, but also lately I haven't been my usual reserved self for some reason.

That's not always a good thing -- it means I'm also less likely to conceal my mood when I'm peeved, which is something I try hard to do at work. Today I couldn't and I'm now paranoid I may have caused some friction between me and one of the managers...

More in the p.m...

time to sleep.


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